Using BuycraftX with a proxy (BungeeCord)

If you would like to execute commands on servers as part of a proxy like BungeeCord then you will need to make sure that your configuration of BungeeCord and your servers match the settings in this article. 

The way to use the Buycraft Bukkit/Spigot plugin with BungeeCord is to install the Bukkit/Spigot plugin on each server under the BungeeCord proxy. You will need to create a secret key for each server in your control panel from "Settings > Servers". You then need to select which of your current packages are added to the server you have just created. 

Below are the settings needed for the BuycraftX plugin to be able to work with BungeeCord and Spigot starting with the BungeeCord config file.

If your Buycraft website is in online/uuid compatible mode you will need to set them to "true".

If you are running an offline/non uuid compatible Buycraft store you will need to set them to "false".

Bungee config.yml:  

ipforward: true/false 
online_mode: true/false

Then in each server, you will need the following settings in the Buycraft configuration file:

Buycraft settings.conf/  


Executing BungeeCord commands

You can execute BungeeCord commands with our BungeeCord plugin found on our downloads page. You can find a tutorial for installing the BungeeCord plugin in our "Getting started" section of the knowledgebase!

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