Setting up a custom domain

The first thing you need to do is purchase a custom domain from a DNS provider such as Godaddy, Namecheap, 123-reg, to name just a few!

Once you have bought your domain you will need to look for the option to create a CNAME record. Each DNS provider has a slightly different way to set them up however, it will most likely be found in something along the lines of "Add DNS Record" or "DNS settings".

If you can't find it at first then you can find some of the popular tutorials for adding a CNAME record here:

If we haven't listed a CNAME setup tutorial in from your domain registrar let us know via support and we can add them to the article! 

When creating your CNAME record you will need to point it at your current Buycraft subdomain, this process will ask you to choose what you want the CNAME to be. E.g.  "". Then you will need to choose which domain to point it at, this will be your current subdomain. E.g. "" or "".

When this is set up in your DNS settings you can then go to your Buycraft control panel and go to "Settings > Domain Name" and check the option "Enable custom domain" and enter the full CNAME you have just made "" then click "Update".

Once the CNAME is set up it can take up to 72 hours to work so you may want to change back to using the original subdomain to begin with. You can check when it is up and working by enabling it again at any time.

Important: If you are receiving the error that the CNAME record could not be found while updating your custom domain - please make sure you are not using a proxy such as CloudFlare (Turn off the orange cloud!). You may also have to wait a few minutes for the DNS records to update over the internet. 

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