How to test packages on your server

If you would like to test a package there are a few ways that you can do it from within the Buycraft system. You can either make a manual payment, for testing command execution. Or you can make the package Free and buy a package from the webstore to test the whole process is set up.

Manual payment

You can create a manual payment from the "Payments" section, by clicking "Create Payment". This is useful if you need to give a player a package without them making a payment. When adding a manual payment you will be able to enter a player's username and the price to for calculating cumulative pricing. The price that you enter is not displayed in the statistics and is only used in calculating cumulative pricing and other store functions.       
Next, you will need to choose the package you would like to execute for this player from the dropdown. After clicking "Create" the packages selected will execute as normal on your server. 
It can take up to 10 minutes for the commands to execute even after the player logs into the server but make sure that the player is online if the commands require it while the package checker executes. All payments made in this manner will show up in "Payments" with the gateway type "Manual".

Free package

You can also test your packages by creating a free package. To create a free package all you have to do is set the price to "0.00" in the when setting up or editing the package.
You will need to make sure that in "Settings > Webstore" the option to allow free baskets on your webstore is set to "On". In the same settings, you will need to make sure that "Minimum basket value" is set to "0.00". Once this is set up, you will be able to go to your store and buy the package by going through the checkout process.

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