How to set up categories

Categories can be used to organise your packages across your webstore, for example grouping your ranks into a single category. 

You can create categories from the package management page in the control panel, "Packages". From this page, you can create and edit both categories and packages and order the way that categories display on the webstore by dragging them from the arrow button. The higher on the page the category is listed the further to the left it will be displayed on the webstore's navigation. You will only be able to create categories after creating your first package on a new webstore.

On the category edit page, you can add the name and description and make the category a subcategory. You can also choose the display options for packages inside this category. After this, you can choose to disable the packages with a lower price than the currently purchased package and enable the  cumulative function

The "Disable packages that have a lower price than the currently purchased package." function will allow players to purchase packages but stop them from purchasing packages with a lower price from the same category. You can also stop the player from purchasing more than one package from a category. 

For some ranking set-ups it can be useful to delete pending expiry commands after a new package is purchased by the same player in the category, so you can enable this feature from here. You can also force the order that the packages display in the category.

Once you have finished editing the category you can click create and save your settings. 

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