You can integrate Tebex Store with your ARK: Survival Evolved server by using our official ArkServerAPI plugin. You can download the plugin from the plugins section of your control panel.

Installing The Plugin On Your ARK: SE Server

  1. Ensure that your server is running the ARK: Server API.
  2. Download the plugin from the plugins section of the Tebex Store control panel.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file, and copy the entire TebexArk directory into your ARK: Server API plugins directory (usually 'ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ArkApi\Plugins\').
  4. Restart your server to load the TebexArk plugin - you should see in your logs that the plugin is loaded.
  5. Type the following command in the console (Replace the secret key with your secret key found on the servers section of the control panel. Click edit on your server to find the secret key):
cheat tebex:secret (Your Secret Key)

Check your server log file to confirm the plugin has been set up correctly, or enter a chat window and type !donate in game - if a link to your webstore is displayed you have successfully setup the plugin!

Webhooks / RCON / MySQL Integration

You can also integrate your game server or website using our MySQL, RCON or Webhook integrations.

How to setup Push Commands

Push Commands allows for instant command execution on your ARK: Survival Evolved server. 

  1. After installing the latest plugin, restart your server to allow the plugin to add the additional config options to your config.json file
  2. Edit the config.json file and set enablePushCommands to true.
  3. Edit the config.json and set portPushCommands to an unused port number, 1234 for example. This port must be open in your firewall, and able to accept inbound TCP (HTTP) connections.
  4. Save the configuration file and restart start your game server. In your console you should see a line such as "Starting Tebex Push Command Server.... Starting server on". If not, please contact the Tebex support team.
  5. Head to the Tebex Store control panel and click Edit on the server from the servers page.
  6. In the fields shown below, enter your game server's IP address and the port you provided in config.json.
  7. Click the Connect button, then press the Update button. If your server fails to connect please see the troubleshooting steps below.

If Tebex Store is unable to connect to your game server, please check the following.

  • In config.json, enablePushCommands is set to true
  • In config.json, portPushCommands should be set to a free, open port.
  • You have restarted your game server after editing the config.json file.
  • There are no errors or warnings showing in the game server's console.
  • The IP address and port that you have entered in the Tebex Store control panel is valid.
  • You don't have any firewall rules blocking direct access to the server. If this is the case, please whitelist our outbound IP addresses, these can be found on the server edit page. 

Creating Your Packages

You now need to think about the kind of packages you would like to sell on your server. Remember that your packages use console commands, so whatever you are able to issue via console command is what you are able to sell. You will need to go :

Webstore > Packages

At this point, you may find it very useful to read through this guide on creating packages on your webstore : How To Create Packages On Your Webstore.
To help you get started, we have created an example package automatically on your webstore. When you click on a package you will be taken to an editing page, where you can customise your package and enter your commands. There are many options on this page, but don't feel daunted, and take your time to explore and read through each feature to see what you would like to use.


You will now be at the stage where you need to create commands. Please read through this guide on commands before you begin : How Commands Work On The Tebex Platform

Please remember that you will be using console commands for your packages when you consider what to type in this field: 

  • Initial : Enter the commands to give the items to the player
  • Refund : What do you want to happen when a player is refunded? Remove their perks?
  • Chargeback : What is your policy? Do you ban the player for charging back?
  • Expiry : Do you remove the perks when the time is up?
  • Renewal : Did a player renew their subscription? Do you need to renew their perks?

We are not able to give individual help with your commands, so please make sure you look at relevant wikis and information regarding the admin commands available in the game.

Testing Your Packages Work

We highly recommend that you test out your packages before releasing them for sale. You can check out our handy guide on how to do this here : Using Manual Payments To Test Your Packages

Please be aware that packages are not issued immediately after purchase, and there may be a wait from the time the package is purchased from the execution time of the commands. This can depend on your level of plan, which is normally as follows : 

Starter Plan : around 15 minutes polling time.
Premium Plan : around 10 minutes polling time.
Ultimate : around 5 minutes polling time.
Enterprise : around 2 minutes polling time.

Customising Your Webstore

Once you have created your packages, you may wish to consider how you would like to fully customise your webstore to make it stand out and be really unique from others. Do you want to change how it looks? Want to move things around? If you want to make it truly unique you will need to read this guide here for more help : Customising The CSS / HTML Of Your Webstore 

Please be aware that custom templates are only available on the Ultimate plan and above. We are not able to give you individual help with creating a custom theme or template, if you don't know how to create one we recommend you consider commissioning a designer to create one for you. We are not able to recommend designers for you.

Creating A Payment Gateway

Your customers need to be able to pay you! You will need to set up your gateway so that purchases can be completed and funds sent to your account. You will need to consider which gateway you wish to set up, as we support many and some are easier to set up than others.

Our most popular gateway is PayPal, however we have guides available for all of our gateways, including Mollie, PayGol, PaymentWall, Paysafecard, and more. You can find guides for our other gateways in our Knowledge Base. 

The Basics

This should have helped you with the basics of your webstore, and getting set up. Please look around your control panel and explore the options that you have available as there is much more that is not included in this beginners guide. If you feel there is something else we can add to this Getting Started guide that would be helpful, please let us know.

If you're struggling and would like to ask some questions, please contact customer support and we'll do our best to assist you where we can!

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