Enabling Player Checks is a great way to prevent fraud on your store. Linking Tebex Analytics into your Tebex Store account will allow you to verify if someone has logged into your server (And using the same IP address) before being able to continue with a purchase.

How To Setup

  1. Go to Fraud > Player Checks.
  2. Ensure that you have linked your Tebex Analytics account to your Tebex Store.
  3. Configure the options as listed below to ensure the feature works as you expect:

Check Player Visited Server

Enable this option to ensure that the player has accessed your server before they can make a purchase on your webstore.

Seen Within

This is the amount of time which a player has had to of logged into your server before they can make a purchase. We recommend setting this to a value of around 3 days.

Check Server Access IP

Enable this option to require the player to access your webstore with the same IP address as they used to login to your server with.

Skip Errors

Enable this option to allow the player to login to your webstore if there was any errors with checking if they have previously logged into your store. We recommend enabling this option if your players sometimes have difficulty accessing your webstore even if they are legitimate players.

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