To make it easier for your players to find the perfect way to pay for an item on your store, we've introduced a new way to brand your gateways. If you've ever had a player ask you which gateway to use to pay with iDEAL, or how to pay with Rapipago, then this should be perfect for you!

Enable Additional Payment Method Buttons On Your Store:

To use this feature you will need to go to edit your payment gateway method, where you will see a brand new section for you to configure.

Go to Webstore > Payment Gateways > Edit Gateway

Configuring Your Gateway:

Note : If you don't add any brands the payment gateway logo will show as default, however this will automatically be hidden if you add brands, if you still want to show the default logo, these logos can be found in the Payment Platforms tab.

When you begin configuring your gateway you will be given new options for what buttons you can display on your webstore, making it so much easier for your players to find the best way to purchase a package:

Customising Your Webstore Payment Buttons:

You are able to customise the name of your payment gateway button, you can even choose country flags, icons, and upload your own logo! 

Adding Payment Buttons To The Webstore:

For each payment button that you add, you MUST enter a brand name to be able to add this to your webstore. Once you have added these buttons, refresh your webstore, and you should see the new buttons that you have added : 

This new feature should greatly improve the visibility of your payment methods and let your players know all the different options they have to pay on your webstore! As always, if you are confused about anything in this article or would like some further help or have questions, please feel free to get in contact with us and we'll help you as best as we can.

Template Changes:
If you are using a custom template, then you may need to make a small change to your checkout.html template to use our new images:

Replace the existing code to display a gateway image:
 <img src="/templates/209/img/gateways/{{ gateway.gateway }}.png"/> 

<img src="{{ gateway.image }}"/>  

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