If you have gotten the message that you are unable to purchase on a webstore because you are banned, the first thing you should do is contact the server admins. The server admins should be able to tell you why you are banned. 

It is very important to note, that Tebex DO NOT unban players on behalf of servers. Please do not contact Tebex asking to be unbanned as this is done by the server owner or admins.

There are two types of ban across the Tebex platform:

High Chargeback Rating.

If you have a high chargeback rating you will automatically be prevented from purchasing on most webstores. Each webstore is able to set a chargeback threshold as part of their Tebex Fraud Protection. 

For example:

If a webstore has a chargeback threshold of 20%, and you have a chargeback rating of MORE than 20% you will automatically NOT be able to purchase on the webstore. This feature is there to protect server owners from players who frequently chargeback.

What you can do:

You will need to contact the server admins to ask to be whitelisted or to discuss repaying a chargeback but please remember that this is left to the discretion of the server admins, and they are within their rights to refuse to whitelist you without giving a reason. 

Whitelisting only effects the server that you are playing on. You would need to be whitelisted and make successful purchases on the webstore to lower your chargeback rating. A low chargeback rating means you will be under the threshold of most servers and able to purchase on most webstores.

Manually Banned From Webstore.

This is when the server admins have chosen to ban you from the webstore. This kind of ban only effects ONE webstore. This may be for any reason. You will need to contact the server admins to find out why you have been banned. You can request to be unbanned but, this is left to the discretion of the server owner, and you can be denied.

Other reasons you may not be able to checkout:

  1. If you are using a VPN you may not be able to purchase on some webstores, as some webstores prevent this with a setting in their control panel.
  2. If the webstore has chosen not to accept players/payments from your country.
  3. You haven't visited the server ingame yet. Some servers have this as a requirement before players may purchase on their webstore.

For all of the reasons listed in this article, you should contact the server admins for assistance. Many servers have contact details listed on their webstore, and many also have Discord servers you can join to get hold of server admins easily. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand why you may not be able to use a webstore and what to do in that situation. 

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